Monday, 14 March 2011

It’s the mint that makes the mojito

The only mobile cocktail bar to go the extra few thousand miles

Cuba’s famed mojito cocktail, once a daily tipple of Ernest Hemingway, and enjoyed by James Bond in the movie Die Another Day, is made with rum, sugar, lime juice and mint.  But not any old mint - legendary cocktail maestro Salvatore Calabrese insists it must be Cuba’s unique mojito mint.   And Nigel, having tasted the real thing, was not about to argue.

However, an F1 hybrid, Cuban mint cannot be grown successfully from seed, and no plants were available outside the island.   Was Nigel deterred?  “Yes, of course!” he replies.  “But not for long.  I realised there was only one thing for it – another working holiday in the bars of Havana and across the island’s many mint plantations.” 

After extensive sampling the perfect plant was selected.  But how to get it home?  “I discovered,” continues Nigel, “that you can carry plants in your hand luggage…and I hatched a precision plan.  I lined up a few small containers in the departure lounge, popped in the plants, then squirted in some fizzy water (to make sure they had sufficient CO2 for the ride), before sealing them up with tape and carrying them on the plane.   Nobody batted an eyelid - imagine doing that in Heathrow!” 

Our very own secret stash

These plants have now been propagated to fill a 60 foot polytunnel at a hidden location near the Mobile Cocktail Company HQ, providing enough fresh mint for all their portable bars.

“We’re thrilled to be the only cocktail bar hire company (and probably the only bar, bar none) in the UK which uses genuine fresh Cuban mojito mint - because it really makes all the difference.  It has a more delicate, floral scent and flavour, creating the perfect balance, ensuring we can deliver the true taste of a Cuban mojito at your event.”

Nigel has built his business with the same passion that took him to Cuba and the bars of Manhattan.  He instils it into all his staff, training them in-house to ensure every cocktail is created to the same high standard, with fast friendly service, no matter how big and busy the event.

“I love creating drinks which really hit the spot for people.  What started as a special treat for close friends has progressed to an impressive list of events that includes portable cocktail bars at Henley Royal Regatta and the Earl Pembroke’s wedding at Wilton House.”

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